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Ready to
Go Fishing?

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What to Wear

:: Layered clothing
:: Bathing suit
:: Sunglasses
​:: Shoes that can get wet

What to Bring

​:: Beverages
​:: Snacks
​:: IPOD
​:: Great Attitude for FUN & FISHING

Types of Fish

:: Rockfish
:: Cobia
:: Spadefish
​:: Flounder

:: Spot
:: Perch
:: Speckled Trout
:: Bluefish
​:: Mackerel

Members Of

Solomons Island Charter Captain Association
Maryland Charter Boat Association

​Early Spring Fishing is for Big, Big Rockfish!

April thru May

Trophy Rockfish: This time of year rockfish are in the 30+ pound class with some fish exceeding 40 inches. The fishing this time of year is truly "World Class" Anglers looking for an incredible catch anticipate hard bites and a memorable battle on custom trolling rods. Each angler is allowed one fish per person over 28 inches.

Late Spring Rockfish (20-36 inches) & Perch

May 15 thru June

Rockfish: As the migratory giants begin to leave and go back to the ocean the rules change. Anglers can look forward to breaking fish 20 to 36 inches. Healthy schools of Rockfish feeding on large balls of baitfish are caught trolling with buck tails or small jigs. This time of year we are allowed to keep two Rockfish per person over 18”.

White Perch: Reef fishing for delicious and hard pulling white perch gets good third week in May. White perch emerge after a long winter up river, venturing out into the mouth of rivers and the Bay to feed heartily on the variety of smaller fish fry and worms as they hatch in late spring. After catching the boat's limit of Rockfish, Perch bite readily in the afternoon and are a BLAST to catch on our custom built light action spinning rods.

​Early Summer Cobia, Spadefish, Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish 


Two to three weeks in June (exact dates fluctuate due to fish migration) the MARAUDER sometimes moves to Virginia Beach and fishes Rudee Inlet. This year we are staying on the Chesapeake Bay.

Cobia: Large numbers of Cobia show up in their migration north from the Carolinas and the spadefish bite is red hot. Cobia can be caught chumming at anchor near structure or skillful anglers can sight cast to cobias while cruising around buoys and other floating structure. Cobias are delicious and sought after by anglers who are out to capture a trophy of a lifetime. These fish are extremely intelligent, hook shy and can be compared to harvesting a Monster Buck white tail deer.


Spadefish: Spadefish congregate around the bridge tunnel, wrecks, Chesapeake Light Tower and other structure ½ way offshore.Imagine an 8 to 10 pound Bluegill on steroids and you'll get close to the fight and attitude of the Spadefish. Pound for pound their fight is unmatched by any other fish in the area. So much fun to catch! Ultra-light tackle with 15 pound test leader make spadefish angling a challenge and a lot of fun for anglers of all experience levels.

Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish: For those anglers interested in more in-shore fishing from VA beach, the Spanish mackerel bite in June begins to get very good. Spanish are less oily and much more suited for table fare then their cousin mackerels. Many days high speed trolling with spoons and hoses produce catches in the hundreds. Perfect for summer vacationing kids or younger adults who thrive on the chaos and constant action of having multiple bites at the same time, your arms will hurt from cranking in mackerel and bluefish before the day is done.

Fishing is HOT in the Summertime: Rockfish, Spot, Flounder, Croaker & Perch

June thru September

Rockfish: When not in Virginia beach fishing is still very good here at home in Solomons. Rockfish in the 18" to 24" are common with occasional fish being caught over 30 inches. Live bait is used with spinning rods to catch large schools of hungry rockfish. The action is fast, furious, and the weather is warm with calm seas making a great experience for kids, families, and groups who enjoy light tackle fishing.

Flounder, Spot & Perch: Bottom fishing hits its peak in June and July for Spot, Flounder, and perch caught in the afternoon following rockfishing.

Night time or evening trips for Croaker or “hard head” in July and August are common and a great change of pace to escape the sometimes scorching summer sun.

Late Summer through Fall reel in Rockfish, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish & Speckled Trout

October thru November

Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish & Speckled Trout: As the water begins to cool and the leaves start to change The Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, and Speckled Trout migrate from the Virginia coast to feast on the bountiful supply of baitfish Solomons has to offer before winter closes in. Trolling spoons will produce solid numbers of Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Rockfish all mixed together.

Rockfish: This time of year anglers spot “birds working” or seagulls diving to eat tiny scraps of fish left behind by hungry and voracious feeding schools of toothy fish. Small weighted jigs are used on light spinning rods to drop deep below the diving birds and hook nice quality Rockfish.

Our Winter Bounty is Monster-Sized Rockfish!

January thru February

For those that are brave enough Rockfish in the winter is undoubtly some of the very best fishing of the year. The migratory MONSTER rockfish return from the ocean to over winter in the Chesapeake Bay.

Anglers who love light tackle fishing need to book your day here. When the water temperatures plummet, the fish school up in several places in the Bay. Amazing catches with 60+ fish can be caught in one day by a group of 3 or less anglers. Catching fish 30 to 50 inches on a medium action spinning rod is exhilarating, and many times 3 or more fish all hook up at the same time. Put on your hat and Mittens, it is worth a try to catch these amazing winter time Monster Rockfish.

During this time, all rockfish must be released unharmed.

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